Let's fence it up! 5 reasons why portable fences make a lot of sense.

A photo showcasing a full-size picket portable temporary fence panel. The panel features a classic picket design, providing a charming and aesthetic look to any outdoor space. The fence panel is sturdy and versatile, suitable for various applications. It offers a temporary fencing solution that is easy to install and dismantle as needed.

There are many benefits to portable fence panels. If you are wondering, why should I purchase temporary fences? Well, apart from the fact that they look good as garden fences, here are the top four reasons why portable fence panels make a lot of sense!

What is a portable fence?

A portable fence is a movable temporary fence that you can use for one time events. They help to define the boundaries of your events. It can also limit the crowds, keeping people away from an enclosed area. If you have a dangerous area, it also helps you mark out the zone to place signages on it.

Our top five common-sense reasons for using portable fences:

1. They can help to provide a barrier.

When you organise outdoor events, you might need to direct the crowds and erect temporary fences. For instance, if you are the organiser of a spring fair, you want people to line up in an orderly manner to get tickets and enter the fairgrounds. But your fairground area might not have the necessary facilities to do so. Temporary fences come in handy for crowd control!

When the weather is cool, it's always nice to be able to head outdoors. Schools usually hold outdoor school fetes for their annual fundraising. You certainly want temporary fences to mark out individual stalls so that people know where to go. Stallholders can also advertise their goods on the fences or put up signs on them. Once the event is over, you can remove the fences so that you can continue to enjoy your outdoor space for sports and other activities.

When you cater to a large outdoor event, you need to declare some areas off-limits. These areas could store valuable goods or for the staff to rest. If you do not have space indoors or use an outdoor site, you will require temporary fences as a "do not enter" reminder to party-goers.

Since you can organise the portable fences in any way you want, you get to control the order of the crowd. In other words, portable fences can be an efficient service whenever many people meet. The temporary fences require just mere minutes to assemble, and they can start working with excellent safety in a few minutes. This increases work efficiency and decrease wasted time.

For those who enjoy hosting summer parties in their gardens, you might want to ensure that pets do not interrupt the party. Portable fences can help you restrict the area with proper signage to warn people to keep out.

Perhaps you might have very restless pets that you need to keep away from a hot barbecue. Our portable picket fences are perfect for dogs, cats, or small children! Since they are low ( no more than 4 feet for the highest fence!), smaller children and dogs can see out without getting out. Besides, these are vinyl fences, which does not splinter. So if your cats or dogs rub against it, they will not get injured. Once you are done hosting your party, you can remove these temporary fences so your pets can have an entire run in the garden again!

2. They look good and require little maintenance.

White picket fences have a homey aesthetic that keeps your party setting looking fresh and inviting. Whether you choose a full-frame fence, a 2-rail or a 3- rail fence, you'll still maintain that country aesthetic on either side of the fence.

If you are holding a night summer party, one way to light up the area is to put fairy lights around your portable fences. In this way, you can light up the perimeter of your outdoor space. Erect the temporary fences and the areas requiring light, then weave outdoor lighting throughout the fence panels. It will create a whimsical, dreamy look, perfect for summer nights!

The best thing about purchasing portable fences is that they require lesser maintenance, although they look precisely like wooden picket fences. After you've taken them out of storage, all you need to use is soap and water to clean the dust off, and voila, you're ready to party.

Any vinyl fencing is low-maintenance, and you never need to paint your fence. If you see any discolouration, you can clean it off with dish soap and a hose.

Vinyl fencing is durable and is not susceptible to rot or wood-loving insects such as termites. Your portable vinyl fence remains intact for years!

3. They are easy to install and remove.

If you want to build a wooden picket fence for your property, this can take a long time. First, the contractors must erect the posts and install the rails and pickets. This process can take a day or more to complete Depending on your property and garden size.

With portable vinyl fencing, these fences are movable and can be used temporarily in events or garden fences. You can move them around as you please since they are lightweight and flexible. If you like to redecorate your garden according to the season, you will have no mess and no fuss installing and removing these temporary fences.

In fact, for those who like to create a vegetable garden but do not have a lot of space, you simply need to affix terracotta pots or planter boxes to your portable fence panels. You can plant climbing veggies such as vine tomatoes. In this way, you create a vertical garden that you can easily change up when you feel like it.

Additionally, our vinyl fences are made from heavy-duty commercial grade vinyl that is five times stronger and four times more flexible than wood. It is similar to erecting a permanent fence, except you can now remove the fences when you need more space.

4. They help to keep your outdoor area tidy

Sometimes, it seems the backyard might be a kids-only zone when you have young children. Play equipment, sandpits and toys scattered across your lawn can make it hard to relax in your outdoor area.

With some creativity, zone out areas with portable fence panels so that everyone in the family can have their area without their messes spilling over.

One way to do it is to use portable fence panels to seal off a play area for the children. This step will ensure their toys and play equipment are confined to one place. It also allows you to know where your children are at all times and keeps them safe as you can enclose them in one area of your garden

You can also zone out a private area just for relaxing - the fence will tell everyone to stay out.

The best part about temporary fences is that whenever you need the space, you can remove the panels and rezone the areas again.

5. They can help to warn others of danger

Last but not least, if you are building a pool or have already installed one, it’s a good idea to erect temporary fences around it. The panels will indicate a construction project going on or warn others of the waters ahead.

If you have young children or pets, these temporary panels will come in handy to keep them away from ongoing works. A pool is also a safety hazard because young children might step in and drown if they play outdoors without barriers around the pool.

Likewise, if you have just moved into the neighbourhood and are in the midst of your construction projects, it helps to have temporary fences with signages to remind people to move away. Or perhaps you just want to keep prying eyes away while you complete your outdoor renovation. That also is a good reason for portable fencing!


Vinyl portable fences are a common-sense choice for your garden or any outdoor event. If you're still on the fence about getting portable fences after reading this, contact us today to find out more about how these portable fences can be a perfect fit for your outdoor event!