Looking to add beautiful fence panels to your garden?

Then, Simple Fencing is the right choice – because we design your borders

with a material more durable, resilient and attractive than wood.

From privacy, semi-privacy, picket, and pool fencing to farmland boundaries,

our fence panels designs will enhance the beauty and value of your property for decades to come.

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Welcome to Simple Fencing

We specialise in the distribution of Vinyl Fencing across the UK. We have in stock a variety of fencing products from domestic and commercial to industrial.

Our Lifetime Warranty provided by the manufacturer ensures your Vinyl Fence remains pristine for years to come, promoting your confidence in the product and giving you peace of mind.

The Fence Panels that do not require maintenance or upgrade over time. No bolts, screws or gadgets to replace or maintain.

"We love your vinyl fence so you can still love thy neighbour
- as he sits on his wooden one!"


Our Vinyl Fencing has gone mobile!

Hiring our mobile PVC fence panels is the preferred choice for all outdoor events, school fetes and playgrounds, fairs, and of course, those Summer garden parties.

  • Cost effective – pay only for when you need it, nothing more.
  • Easy to install and remove – no mess, no fuss, and in no time.
  • Safe to move around – lightweight, flexible and smooth.

We offer three styles of mobile PVC fence panels for your convenience: 3-rail, 2-rail and our picket fence panels.

And don’t worry about size. All of our temporary fence panels can be shortened to suit your space.

Explore the world of Vinyl Fencing…

With a fast-paced and busy lifestyle, eliminating headaches at home makes life a little easier. Creating a worry-free fence is a good place to start. Consider the years of low maintenance living, not to mention the money and time saved by not replacing or maintaining that fence. Creating more time for barbeques in the garden or relaxing safely poolside with family and friends really is life at its best.

Made to Measure Fence Panels

When it comes to customizing your new vinyl fence the options are endless! In our workshop, we are capable of customizing any post, rail or picket to create a fence that suits your needs.


We custom make gates to your own style and exact specification. Alternatively, we have matching gates for all the residential, commercial and industrial fences.

Temporary Fence Panels

Our Mobile Fence Panels are waterproof, strong and easy to carry and prop up. You can easily pack it up and take it with you anywhere you go.

Why choose us?

More than 90% of our customers choose vinyl over wood. Why?

Here are Simple Fencing’s top ten reasons:

  • Vinyl fence panels will last for generations.
  • Vinyl fence panels are virtually maintenance free. No repainting, rotting, or rusting.
  • Vinyl fence panels are easy to clean.
  • Vinyl is graffiti-resistant. It simply washes off
  • Vinyl fence panels are resistant to insects, dry rot, and mould.
  • Vinyl fence panels are completely recyclable and free of harmful chemicals (non-toxic)
  • Vinyl fence panels are attractive and offers high return on investment (ROI)
  • Vinyl fence panels are UV protected and cannot fade or chalk.
  • Vinyl fence panels have smooth surfaces with no nails, sharp edges and is splinter-proof.
  • Vinyl fence panels keep you, your children, pets and animals out of harm’s way.

What Our Customers Say

“I had the most incredible experience with Simple Fencing. They went over every detail and understood exactly what I needed. Within no time our fence was up and its beautiful. I couldn’t recommend this company highly enough.”  

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At Simple Fencing, we prioritise your input and ensure you have full creative control over your project from the beginning. Our expert consultants are dedicated to discussing your exact specifications, understanding your unique requirements, and bringing your ideas to life.

We value your vision and work closely with you throughout the project to ensure that every detail meets your expectations. With Simple Fencing, you can trust that your voice will be heard and your creative ideas will be realised.