Pros and Cons of Garden Vinyl Fencing

Are you looking at alternatives to traditional wood fencing for your home?

Then PVC vinyl fences could be the answer for you. In this article we are going to cover some of the pros and cons of PVC vinyl fencing. Let’s get started!

This photo captures the stunning view of a straight picket fence that extends across an entire neighbourhood with over 10 terraced houses. The fence creates a visually appealing and cohesive look, enhancing the beauty of the front gardens. The fence panels are brilliantly white, providing a striking contrast against the vibrant greenery that adorns the gardens. The combination of the immaculate white fence and lush vegetation creates a picturesque scene that adds charm and elegance to the neighbourhood.

Vinyl Fence VS Wood Fence: PROS

  • PVC Vinyl fencing looks newer longer. You can buy fence panels, and compliment them with a variety of toppers and rails to suit your style
  • A vinyl garden fence is very difficult to damage, it can lasts up to 100 years with hardly no maintenance, whereas other fences such as wood have a longevity of approximately 20 years, a very good point to consider going for vinyl
  • A vinyl garden fence is resilient to all sorts of weather conditions, even the unexpected arrival of unwanted visitors, such as termites and pests.
  • Unlike wood, vinyl fence panels are smooth and glossy, leaving no room for debris or dust to get stuck in places. Cleaning your vinyl garden fence is just a two step process, just mix water and soap or use a pressure washer.
  • A fence installer will charge the same hourly rate for any fence you choose, but a vinyl fence should take less time to install, making it less expensive

Vinyl Fence VS Wood Fence: CONS

  • Vinyl fences require a larger investment upfront than their wooden counterparts. However, you will probably save more money in the long run, after maintenance costs for wood are considered.
  • The overall look of a garden vinyl fence can be less appealing. It’s synthetic appearance might put off a true lover of the look, smell and feel of a traditional wood fence.
  • A vinyl fence cannot be painted on to change its looks unlike a wood fence which can be painted on different colours to create different styles as time and trends emerge.
  • Installation of a vinyl fence can be daunting, although the basic installation might be relatively easy, a certain level of attention, and expertise is required to avoid mistakes and imperfections that cannot be easily remedied.

A fact is that garden vinyl fencing has been on the rise in the last few years, the main reason being for its durability, cost effective and child friendly characteristics, a fence with a surface that’s free of jagged edges and splinters, the perfect choice to any family with kiddos.

That being said, some people prefer the traditional fences that have been on the market since time immemorial, such as wood and iron. It is after all, the person’s decision and what they want to do in their home space.

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